health and safety

It is an unfortunate fact that some electrical contractors simply do the bare minimum that’s required in order to ‘get by’ when it comes to health and safety.

They may decide that it is not worth the hassle and expense of training staff and going through the process of gaining certifications.

However, at RDM Installations, we couldn’t disagree more.

The safety of our staff, clients and the public is at the heart of everything we do as a company and a key part of our company ethos.

Instead of thinking of health and safety being a ‘hurdle’ to overcome, it is automatically built into our operations at every step. Here are some of the ways health and safety is paramount in the service we offer at RDM:


We don’t shy away from investing heavily in health and safety training for our staff. In fact, our engineers take part in over 20 different courses that include emergency, first aid and fire safety training, along with many other different aspects of health and safety.

These courses are taught through a combination of both classroom and interactive learning, to ensure our engineers are fully aware of the potential risks that can present themselves in both hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Course booklets and information are readily available online for all of our staff, should they need to ‘top up’ their knowledge at any given time.


At RDM, it’s not simply a case of deciding on courses and then sticking with them without modification. We take the time to figure out what courses work best and are the most beneficial, and which ones may need improvements.

We ask for feedback from our team leaders about the training provided and make the adjustments necessary, leading to an annual review of the health and safety courses we provide.


Bi-annual meetings take place involving all staff at RDM, in addition to the numerous interim meetings held throughout the year, in order to make sure all staff are ‘in the know’ about how our existing policies are progressing, and any changes that are going to be made in the future.


At RDM, we are very transparent with our customers about the health and safety policies and values that we uphold. That’s why we allow our customers access to our policies, procedures and the training records of each individual engineer we employ. These can easily be accessed by simply logging onto our documentation page.

If you’re looking for an industrial electrical installations company that takes health and safety seriously, look no further than RDM Installations. If you’d like to discuss in any further detail our health and safety policies and accreditations, don’t hesitate to contact us.