Are you a company that designs, manufacturers or supplies industrial equipment, but don’t offer to install them for your customers?

It’s surprising how many companies manufacture and supply industrial equipment, machinery and the control systems to operate this equipment, but shy away from providing the electrical installation.

So often, when we ask these companies about the possibility of using electrical contractors to have their systems installed, the response is: ‘we just don’t offer those services, it’s up to the customer to supply their own electrician.’

While there may be good reasoning behind the decision not to offer installations, the question is: ‘are some companies missing a great opportunity?’ And also ‘do the benefits of not offering electrical installations still outweigh the pros of offering these services?’

Without a doubt, even the smallest of installation jobs come with more than its fair share of issues, especially on the electrical side of things. As an industrial electrical installations company, we know all too well that it can be a tricky industry to work in.

There are many things to consider as companies have the cost factor of employing the electricians, finding the right staff, ensuring there’s enough work. And after all this, there are many instances when your electricians may arrive on site to find that the supply hasn’t been installed correctly or even at all, delaying jobs significantly. Therefore, we understand why some companies prefer not to offer electrical installations. It’s simply too much hassle.

But does the hassle go away? Often control panels suffer many problems due to poor installation or the commissioning being done incorrectly (or not at all in some cases). This is a much more frequent occurrence with companies that don’t offer the installation service than with those that do. The simple reason is that the end user employs the wrong kind of electrician to install the panel, an electrician who’s willing to have ‘a go’, and thinks that they should be able to do it but very often, in fact too often, can’t.

Poor installation leads to a range of panel issues and over the years the panel manufacturers may hear every possible excuse going as to why it’s the panels that are at fault, rather than those who have installed it. Whether you’re told that the motor doesn’t work, the contactors have set on fire or the cables connected to the motor are charred, it always ends up costing the manufacturers to fix the problem due to their commitment to their customers and agents alike.

If this sounds like a familiar story, then maybe it’s time to rethink your position on offering electrical installation.


At RDM we offer industrial electrical installation, system integration, servicing and breakdowns for hazardous and non-hazardous areas. Our engineers are carefully selected through a stringent interview process ensuring that we only employ the right people for the job.

By choosing RDM as your preferred electrical contractors, manufacturing companies are putting themselves back in the driving seat providing electrical services that meets with the quality of their products.

Because RDM Installations are industrial electrical contractors with an extensive knowledge and understanding of control panel systems, we are one step ahead of other similar contractors. We have the skill set to modify control systems when required, provide CAD drawings of the alterations, provide neat and precise installs as well as ensuring the system is commissioned correctly.

Our work is also tested and inspected in accordance with the IEE wiring regulations which certifies that the installation was carried out correctly. All likely and unlikely issues are dealt with swiftly and efficiently reducing wasted time, costs and hassles for our customers.

By using RDM you are providing a better, more reliable and complete service to your customers while also increasing your revenue and reputation.

We’re so confident with our service that we offer a full 3-year warranty including labour and parts on all panels supplied by Pace Automated Systems UK Ltd that are installed by RDM.

If you are experiencing unnecessary and costly issues caused by inexperienced external contractors and would like to start offering a comprehensive electrical installation and breakdown service to your clients then call Richard Millington on 01484 664330.