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At RDM Installations, we have years of experience with the electrical installations of many different ‘drive off’ prevention systems.


Due to a large number of accidents taking place in the loading bay environment, there has been an increasing amount of interest in ‘drive off’ prevention systems among large retailers. 12% of all accidents in distribution centres have been due to a driver driving away from the loading bay before the loading process has finished. With large heavy crates of stock involved in these kinds of accidents, the consequences can be serious and even fatal.


One of the unique ‘drive off’ prevention systems we install is what’s called a DockSafe door management system. Traka has developed their state-of-the-art dock door management system in response to concern about ‘drive off’ accidents. These systems make it impossible for the driver to obtain the keys for their vehicle whilst the loading bay door is still open and the vehicle is still being loaded.


The system works by attaching the driver’s key to a fob that is locked into a bespoke key cabinet in the Goods In office. The key cabinet does not allow the key to be removed and handed back to the driver without receiving a signal from the loading bay that the work is finished and the door is closed.


Traka’s dock door system has been a resounding success and 100% effective in eliminating ‘drive offs’ whilst the system is in operation. The system also creates an audit trail as it works, another advantage the system has over some other ‘drive off’ prevention systems. All of these qualities have meant the dock door management system is fast becoming the first choice in ‘drive off’ prevention systems for large retailers.


However, for the system to work it has to be integrated into the existing control panel system. That’s where RDM installations can help. Unlike other electrical installation companies, RDM installations has the expertise, equipment and experience required to integrate this dock door management system with any control system that you may already have in place.


We understand that the safety of employees is always a number one concern for companies. That’s why we’re proud to use our electrical installation skills to help implement such a safe and effective dock management system. With RDM installations you can be confident that your system’s installation is in safe hands.


If you think your company would benefit from the installation of a dock management system, you can learn more about Traka’s systems here.

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