Hazardous area Installations, Testing & Inspections

Providing competent CompEx certified engineers

When dealing with Hazardous area installations there’s no room for complacency. Employing the right company ensures that all aspects of the installation comply with current regulations.

Our highly trained and experienced CompEx certified electrical engineers provide installations, testing & inspection of hazardous area installations, services and maintenance. We offer assistance to our clients ensuring that their new or existing EX equipment remain safe and comply with current DSEAR regulations.

We have experience in most industries including Chemical, Steel, Oil Petro Chemical, Dust and Gas making RDM highly versatile when ensuring the integrity and compliance of our clients’ equipment.

Our CompEx certified inspectors deliver comprehensive hazardous area inspection schedules and inspection reports, advising on corrective action where necessary and provide assurance that you are complying with all the very latest international standards, codes and practices and meeting your legal obligations.

RDM provide a path towards full compliance under the mandatory Requirements of IEC / BS EN 60079-17/14, DSEAR (Dangerous Substances in Explosive Atmospheres Regulations), The Equipment Directive ATEX 95 (94/9/EC) and the workers Directive ATEX 137 (99/92/EC).

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hazardous area installations

Hazardous area inspections will include:

  • ATEX / DSEAR Inspection of Existing and new ‘Ex’ equipment
  • Ex Inspection Strategy Development & Implementation
  • Compiling Ex Registers and Client Databases
  • Ensuring Verification of all Installed ‘Ex’ Equipment Databases
  • Ensuring Compliance with all Standards and Regulations
  • Gap Analysis and Reporting of Current Inspection Procedures
  • Explosion Protection Documents
  • ‘Ex’ Installation & Maintenance Project management
  • ‘Ex’ Remedial Repairs
  • Area Classification

The installation is a crucial part of any project and one where even the most pre-eminently planned projects can present numerous problems. With a extensive experience and knowledge in most industry sectors RDM can deliver peace of mind providing solutions to unexpected issues.

RDM are system integrator specialists with the technical support and the ability to perform any electrical control system integration, where it can be deemed possible in all industry sectors.

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