Health and Safety

Where health and safety matters

RDM Installations acknowledge that being proactive on health & safety is key in our industry. That’s why at RDM health & safety is treated more like a culture rather than a ‘tick box’ exercise.

To keep our staff, our customers and the public safe at all times, all of our engineers undergo a rigorous annual health & safety training programme. Each engineer takes part in up to 20 different courses covering all aspects of health & safety including emergency, first aid and fire safety. The courses are a mixture of classroom-based and interactive video courses which are designed to teach new skills and make each trainee aware of their environment and the hazards and risks that surround them. Our staff also undergo extensive training in how to conduct themselves in a safe manner when using equipment or working in potentially hazardous areas.

Each course is reviewed on an annual basis ensuring that our staff receive the correct and relevant information required. Feedback about each course is requested from our team leaders and senior engineers to help review the progress of the training. Most of the training given is provided with a booklet of information related to each course which is available to our staff via our website.

We have scheduled biannual health and safety meetings as well as other interim meetings where required, headed by our assigned competent person who updates all of our staff with the progression of health & safety matters and the updates on our policies or introduction of new policies.

Our customers can gain 24-hour access to all our policies, procedures and the training records or all our engineers by visiting the documentation page and entering the password given upon request.

In addition to our commitment to health and safety, we have achieved the following accreditations:

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hazardous areas installations


(Contractors health and safety assessment scheme)
RDM Installations is a CHAS approved company. In order to achieve CHAS accreditation, RDM has had to prove that our staff adhere to stringent and consistent health and safety procedures. CHAS have reviewed RDM’s procedures and approved them as a contractor that works safely.

For further information on CHAS visit the CHAS Website

hazardous areas installations


RDM has been approved by the SafeContractor scheme. This scheme ensures that each contractor has the relevant qualifications and sufficient processes in place to ensure the safety of customers, employees and contractors whilst working on-site.

For further information on SafeContractor visit the SafeContractor Website

As part of our ongoing commitment to monitor and improve our progress in this sector we have instructed an independent company to carry out an annual audit on all our health and safety processes and procedures.

The audit is designed to inform us how we are doing with the compliance of the CHAS and SafeContractor accreditations and to recognise potential improvements that could be made to the training given to our employees. This documentation is a transparent document available for all our customers to view.


The installation is a crucial part of any project and one where even the most pre-eminently planned projects can present numerous problems. With a extensive experience and knowledge in most industry sectors RDM can deliver peace of mind providing solutions to unexpected issues.


RDM are system integrator specialists with the technical support and the ability to perform any electrical control system integration, where it can be deemed possible in all industry sectors.

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