industrial electrical installations





the action of installing someone or something, or the state of being installed.

synonyms: installing, install, fitting, putting in, putting in place;


a large piece of equipment installed for use.

synonyms: equipment, machinery; More


What does installation mean for you and your business? We asked our clients and were surprised by some of the answers which we have summarised below.


A real pain in the ….; lost time in the business; costs, costs and more costs; frustration and loss of sleep and to be honest; having to deal with so many different people that it all becomes so complicated; as a business owner I just want to buy the correct equipment and have it installed and working correctly with as little disruption as possible.


At RDM Installations, we listened to our clients and really looked at what we do for them to see if there were any improvements we could make, after all, we understand the everyday frustrations.


We went back to the basic understanding of what installation means:


  • A clear timed and actionable installation plan;
  • A contract that installs all the relevant parts in one initial visit;
  • Dealing with RDM Installations takes the strain and the pain away – we understand the control panels (we designed many of them), we understand the electrical engineering, it’s our forte;
  • We can work with any panel manufacturer to ensure we keep costs of installation down;
  • We offer a 3-year warranty on electrical works with our panels manufactured by our sister company Pace ….so you are not left in the dark.


If you are looking to cut down your supply chain, reduce your stress levels, costs and have complete peace of mind, please do give us a call at RDM Installations; we are always happy to talk, advise and share best practice in the industry.