Here at RDM Installations, we are passionate about planning and keeping our teams well organised in preparation for an ever-changing workload. Planning ahead always gets us going and really takes the pressure off our teams, as they know what’s expected of them.

We care passionately about quality, service and our customers so we thought we’d share some tips to help you get organised with less stress.

  1. Begin by defining your goals and objectives for 2018 – for example, less down-time or more productivity
  2. Do your homework – Thomas Edison always said that planning is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration. Make sure you check out great companies like ours who have the quality, expertise and service to deliver consistently.
  3. A good plan delivers on all fronts and is based on detailed data – check the financials, services offered, testimonials and the advantages you can gain from good planning.
  4. Check out your own customer comments. What happened during the year? How can you serve them better and how can we help you do that?
  5. Talk to your staff. What would help them improve your business? More help and less stress in keys areas like a service or maintenance plan with guarantees in place.
  6. Write down your plan and use it as the basis for your financial plan. You can now look back at the end of next year and review what was saved or increased and what proved invaluable or a waste of your time.
  7. Set a planned review every quarter with your team. Check with them what is going well and what can be done better. Implement this with key suppliers too so that no big issues arise that cannot be dealt with efficiently.
  8. Use your key suppliers to reduce your workload – that’s what they want to do and could be the best investment you make.
  9. Make sure you have all your contracts and service plans in place and if not, ask your suppliers to draw one up for you.
  10. Have a break; every good business needs planning time. A good plan implemented reduces risk to you, your team and your business.

For great advice, reduction in risk, value for money, exceptional service and help with your business, give us a call at RDM Installations.

We are always amazed at how many businesses we deal with who leave the planning to the last minute so that when a problem occurs it costs them downtime and disruption.