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There’s a lot more to the RDM Installations team than just our electrical engineers. Whilst our engineers are out on site, behind the scenes there’s a lot of organisation that goes into orchestrating RDM’s installations across the country and making sure each one is a success. That’s where members of staff like Jodie come in.

Jodie is our Project Co-ordinator and she’s responsible for allocating specific engineers to each job, organising the dates and times of each project and making sure that all the people on site have all the correct equipment. Jodie is also tasked with keeping track of all the costings of each installation and makes sure we stay on budget. This might seem like a lot of things to consider, but our superstar member of staff Jodie never fails to make sure everything goes off without a hitch!

Jodie began life at RDM installations eight months ago as a receptionist with some light office duties. However, we saw a lot of potential in Jodie and her organised, disciplined approach to work, so we asked if she’d be willing to take on more responsibility. We asked if she would be able to handle one of our important paperwork projects, whilst also being in charge of making sure the customers had everything on site. Jodie rose to the challenge and excelled in both these tasks, we knew then that she was capable of fulfilling the new Project Co-Ordinator role we had in mind for her at the time.

Despite the fact Jodie has had absolutely no previous experience in the world on industrial electrical installations, she has quickly got to grips with all the tools of the trade, their names and uses in an impressive timeframe, and we couldn’t be happier with her progress.

We asked Jodie how she felt about her time working at RDM installations so far… “I’ve loved working here at RDM. All the staff have been so welcoming, helpful and willing to educate. I’m the single mum of a three-year-old and RDM installations have been really understanding of this and at times have allowed me to work around my responsibilities as a parent.”

“What I like most about working here is the challenges it presents. It’s a growing company with a lot of opportunities for progression and RDM installations really believe in encouraging the development of their staff – which is great!”

We value Jodie and all our members of staff here at RDM installations, and it’s been rewarding to watch her grow so much in the relatively short time she’s been here. If you’re interested in working in an environment that is firmly dedicated to both the personal and professional development of our employees, visit our careers page to see the opportunities available.

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