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It’s amazing that one of the fundamental things we do is breathe, it is a necessity, something we don’t even think about……but do you think about the quality of air you breathe and how that contributes to your health and the working environment? Our team of skilled industrial engineers ensure that systems are installed to the highest standards.

In many industries we work alongside a variety of substances that are just a necessity to the products and formulas we make and we rely on our employers to ensure that the atmosphere we work in is of the highest quality.

A great deal of RDM installation work is around the electrical systems that make dust extraction work effectively and the systems that ensure we are working in a safe and healthy environment. High quality industrial electrical installation and control system maintenance gives us a safe, healthy and reliable environment.

The options for a clean working environment are prevention, containment, suppression or extraction and all options have to be given appropriate consideration – it is a legal requirement and covered in COSHH documentation freely available on-line, check out this quick guide –

Installation of the electrical systems that ensure dust extraction is of high quality and maintained regularly is a core skill at RDM Installations and we believe in the best quality service, maintenance and installation of systems that protect workforce’s of all sizes.

RDM recognise the importance of maintaining safe practice at work. At RDM working safe is a culture rather than a tick box exercise. We ensure that all our engineers are regularly trained in all aspects of health and safety matters and maintain the same level of standards to working safely on our installations projects. Our work across Yorkshire and beyond are testament to our high standards.

As industrial electrical engineers, RDM provides installation solutions across all sectors of industry catering for installation of bespoke design control systems. From small D.O.L’s too large complex multi-function vacuum and dust extraction systems.

To protect your people and business with confidence, give us a call to talk about your needs, we can design, plan, install and come up with a maintenance plan that surpasses your expectations so you don’t have to worry about the air you breathe….





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