control system installation

RDM staff aren’t just electricians who sometimes install control panels, we’re the control panel installation specialists.

But, you may ask, is it really necessary to have a specialist company to install a control panel? Why not just hire the cheapest electrician for the job? While this may seem like a reasonable question, we’re sure we don’t need to tell you all the reasons that you would want to take every possible step to ensure you don’t have to halt your company’s manufacturing operations due to a control panel fault. Keeping your operations as productive and profitable as possible can only be achieved by having installation contractors who really know their stuff.

Our unique approach

Luckily, at RDM Installations, we know a lot about control systems. You could even say we’re experts. In fact, you may or may not know that RDM Installations was borne out of control panel manufacturing company Pace Automated Systems. The fact we were borne out of, and still work so closely with a control panel manufacturer means that we are meticulously aware of how control panels work, and the best way to install them. We even have our trainee staff spend their first year (at the minimum) at Pace’s workshop, learning everything there is to know about what makes control panels work correctly.

When we insist that all our staff are so knowledgeable about control panels, it frustrates us that there are so many electricians out there who are offering to do the installations of these systems with limited awareness of how to install them or how they even work. Having customers of Pace contact us with complaints that their control panels weren’t working, only to find out that it was due to a shoddy installation job is what inspired RDM Installations in the first place.

Who can benefit?

If you’re a company that has a regular requirement for control panel installations, you may also have had bad experiences with having these systems installed in the past. Suppliers and manufacturers of control systems often don’t provide an installation service for their products. This leaves the customer to have to find an electrician who will install the control systems for them. More often than not, this electrician doesn’t have the very specific skills required for this type of job, which leads to problems down the line.

These problems can be expensive and time-consuming to resolve, and the money you may have saved hiring a cheaper electrician to provide the installation may end up costing your company a lot more if and when things go wrong. Investing in a high-quality service that RDM Installations provides, giving you the assurance of a great service contract and breakdown services (link to blog) that gives you real peace of mind.

If you think you would benefit from expert control panel installation, find out more about our specialist installation services.