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At RDM Installations we are dedicated to the personal and professional development of everyone in our workforce. From the office staff all the way up to our senior engineers. As a growing company ourselves, we look for staff who are willing to grow with us, and we try hard to reward each employee’s hard work and dedication.


One such member of staff who has risen through the ranks thanks to his talent and commitment is our Senior Engineer Liam. RDM installations was once a small division within our sister company Pace Automated Systems, Pace design and manufacture control panels for a number of different industrial systems. Liam began working as a control panel manufacturer at Pace over six years ago when he moved to Huddersfield from Swindon.


At this time Pace used sub-contractors for their installation contracts, Liam’s core skills were in site installations and after experiencing a number of problems with the work these sub-contractors were doing Liam began taking over some of their installation work. On a particularly difficult installation job, Liam showed his skill by performing the first of many successful installations. In this new role, Liam continued to show exceptional ability, working hard to make sure each installation ran smoothly and there were no issues. We took note of not only Liam’s skill in this area but also his commitment to doing things properly.


Furthermore, Liam’s knowledge of the mechanics of control panels and his ability to integrate these panels easily with existing systems meant that the quality of his installation was of a much higher calibre than that of sub-contractors. With the ever-increasing amount of technical support required to electricians installing Pace’s control panels, Pace realised there was a market for a team of high-quality, knowledgeable panel installation specialists who were more likely to get things right the first time. There are unfortunately a number of contractors who end up wasting client’s time and resources because they don’t fully understand the systems they are installing and therefore they are more likely to make mistakes. We wanted to create a company that used its experience and knowledge of electrical control systems to provide a much better service.


When RDM Installations came to fruition, we made the decision to bring Liam across as not only as a senior engineer but also as a director with a stake in the company too. Every decision that Liam made in his previous role at Pace, was done so in the best interests of the company and our clients. That’s the kind of attitude we encourage and reward here at RDM installations, and as such he is an extremely valued member of our team.


At RDM installations we believe that providing a service that is a cut above the rest is achieved by hiring talented staff and helping them grow. Read more about what it takes to be a member of the RDM team here.

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